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Best Buy Dyson Vacuum

Shopping for a Dyson vacuum can feel like you've been sucked into one. There's a dizzying array of models on sale at any given time, and every new model of vacuum tries to outdo the last one by packing more and more features. Now that the newest machines feature things like lasers and LCD screens, it's easy to get overwhelmed by deciding whether you need them.

best buy dyson vacuum

Stick vacuums get all the attention, and in most cases, they should. Cordless and weighing under 7 pounds, they're easy to maneuver and handle, and they convert into handheld models in seconds. The V15 is Dyson's latest and most expensive stick vacuum.

Its claim to greatness is a green laser that shoots out the front of the motorized head, which illuminates the dust particles in your path. A sensor inside the vacuum counts the number of particles the V15 is sucking up and tells you the particle sizes on the LCD display. The same sensor automatically adjusts the power level to match how gnarly your floors are. Senior associate reviews editor Adrienne So tested the V15 and says not every user needs to know dust particle size down to the micron, and the dust bin is more finicky than other Dyson stick vacs. But if you have severe allergies or just want the best of the best, it may be the right vacuum for you.

At almost $1,000, this is one of the most expensive Dysons in the lineup and a lot of money to pay for a vacuum. But it's not for everyone. If you're choosing between this one and the V15 Detect, we recommend the Outsize+ for those who have a large home with a lot of square footage, a variety of floor types, and pets you clean up after often. We're currently testing the Outsize+ and it's worth noting that it's a bit less powerful in suction than the V15 Detect. The Outsize+ offers 220 AW while the V15 Detect packs 230 AW. However, the Outsize+ is still the best option if you want to cover more surface area while vacuuming, all while spending less time emptying the dust bin or charging the battery.

Adrienne So gave it 7 out of 10 in her review, but it still became her favorite Dyson vacuum due to how easy it was to maneuver. At only 4 pounds, it's one of the lightest vacuums in the lineup. Its dust bin is small and fills up quickly, though, and it isn't big enough or powerful enough to work well on carpets. If your home is full of deep-pile carpet, skip the Omni-Glide. But if you live in a land of hard flooring, it may be your ideal Dyson.

Stick vacuums are small and convenient to store, but they're not always the most convenient to use. If you find yourself perpetually straining your back by trying to vacuum spider webs off the crown molding or squeeze your V7 around the couch, a canister vacuum will give you more maneuverability. You only have to wield a thin suction tube, as long as you don't mind periodically repositioning the canister. Dyson's Cinetic technology means there are no filters to wash or replace, and it still has HEPA-grade filtration for capturing allergens and most particulates.

The Ball Animal 2 is three times more powerful than the V7. Upright corded vacuums are the strongest performers, but you can't convert them into hand vacs as you can with stick vacs. The star of the Ball Animal 2 is a powered, tangle-resistant attachment that uses counter-rotating brush heads to dig pet hair and fur out of thick carpets.

Other vacuums rely on bags and filters to capture dust and dirt. Dyson vacuums don't use bags, and they have washable lifetime filters. No bag, no loss of suction. Since they don't lose suction, Dyson vacuums capture more dirt and microscopic dust than other vacuums.

Dyson is a British manufacturer specializing in vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, fans, and hand and hair dryers. They offer a broad selection of stick/handheld vacuums but have also developed canister vacuums and more conventional uprights. Regardless of design, they all feature Dyson's proprietary cyclone technology, eliminating the need for a dirtbag.

The best Dyson vacuum we've tested is the Dyson V15 Detect. This cordless stick/handheld vacuum's headlining feature is its built-in dirt sensor, which counts and measures the size of particles sucked into the vacuum and relays this info to an LED display at the back of its body. This feature could be helpful if you suffer from allergies and want to know about the presence of fine particles in your home. Its surface detection system also enables it to automatically change its suction power depending on the surface that it's on. It also comes with a wide selection of attachments, including a soft-roller floorhead with a laser light to help you see small debris on bare surfaces. Its powerful 230AW motor is remarkably potent for a cordless model and allows superb debris pick up on a range of surfaces. However, its strong suction force can also cause it to get stuck on shag carpeting or drag around some lighter rugs.

Its maximum runtime of over 70 minutes will be enough for cleaning most rooms, but this drops to a little over 10 minutes when used in its most powerful suction mode. If you're looking for a cordless vacuum with a larger dustbin and similar performance, consider the Dyson Outsize, one of the best Dyson stick vacuums we've tested. However, it's very bulky for a cordless stick vacuum and is considerably harder to maneuver in tight spots than the smaller, lighter V15.

If you're looking for the best cordless Dyson vacuum at a mid-range price point, look at the Dyson V12 Detect Slim. Compared to the higher-end Dyson V15 Detect, it has a less powerful 150 AW suction motor, so it falls slightly behind in deep cleaning performance. That said, it still delivers good overall debris pickup performance on different surface types and shares many of the same features at a more affordable price point. These similarities include a built-in particle sensor, which lets you keep tabs on allergen levels within your home, and an automatic power adjustment system that bumps up its suction power when passing over large amounts of debris and on carpet. It also comes with a multi-surface floorhead and a secondary floorhead with a soft brushroll and an integrated laser light to help you see fine debris on hard floors. It's smaller and lighter than the V15, making it even easier to maneuver in cluttered areas.

Unfortunately, its small, lightweight design comes at the cost of debris capacity, with a tiny dustbin that requires frequent emptying. If you want a mid-priced Dyson vacuum with a higher-capacity dustbin, you could also consider the Dyson V11, though it's less maneuverable than the V12 and lacks a particle sensor.

Generally speaking, Dyson vacuums are pretty expensive compared to peers from other manufacturers. Still, if you don't need the latest and greatest features found on newer models in the company's lineup, there are deals out there. The Dyson V8 is a great example of this and is the best cordless Dyson vacuum at a budget-friendly price that we've tested. Unlike the newer Dyson V12 Detect Slim or Dyson V15 Detect, it can't automatically adjust its suction power and lacks an onboard dirt sensor. If you don't need those convenience features, this is a solid option that executes very well on the fundamentals. It's very easy to use, has a lightweight design, and delivers strong performance on most surfaces, though it isn't quite as potent as the pricier V12 or V15. There's no suction release gate to help improve maneuverability on carpets, but there are two different power modes to suit different surface types.

If you prioritize portability above all else, the Dyson Omni-glide is among the best Dyson stick vacuums we've tested. Unlike a more traditional cordless model like the Dyson V8, you can't use it on carpets: the twin soft rollers in its omnidirectional floorhead don't provide any surface agitation on carpet fibers. Also, its tiny dirt compartment and short maximum battery life of about half an hour mean it's best for quick clean-ups. However, at just under four and a half pounds, it weighs even less than highly-portable Dyson vacuums like the Dyson V12 Detect Slim, and its uniquely-designed floorhead allows you to pivot around obstacles like table legs and coat racks with minimal effort.

If you aren't convinced by Dyson's cordless offerings, consider the Dyson Ball Animal 3. It isn't nearly as maneuverable as any model in Dyson's extensive cordless stick vacuum range and takes up more room when it isn't in use. However, it's a better option for longer cleaning sessions that require more power thanks to its corded design and potent suction motor. Its floorhead features a set of built-in plastic vanes that are remarkably effective in trapping long hair, preventing it from getting tangled in the floorhead and jamming the mechanism. The floorhead also has three levels of surface type adjustment, enabling you to adapt to different surfaces on the fly. Also, it has a very long power cord, so you won't have to swap outlets when cleaning bigger areas, though you'll need to wind the power cord back manually, which can be a bit of a hassle and is something of a disappointment for a vacuum at this price.

Unfortunately, build quality isn't especially robust, as its mainly plastic construction creaks and flexes slightly while in use. It's still a bulky, relatively heavy machine, even if its ball-shaped wheel does make it a little more maneuverable than most conventional uprights. It's also quite noisy and isn't the best option for something well-suited to discrete cleaning. While its redesigned floorhead allows superior maneuverability on carpeting compared to the older Dyson Ball Animal 2, which had a habit of tearing up carpet fibers, the Ball Animal 3 can still get stuck on shag-pile rugs.

As a general rule, cordless Dyson vacuums come with a wider array of attachments and have more powerful suction motors than comparable Shark alternatives. However, most Shark models feel better built and have higher-capacity dustbins. Dyson vacuums are also usually easier to maintain than newer Shark models, as the former tend to use dual-roller floorheads with a non-removable primary brushroll that can be somewhat hard to clean. 041b061a72


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