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Championship Manager 4 No-cd __FULL__ Crack Battlefield 1942

...Placebo's Crackers inc. ... / PROUDLY PRESENTS // Championship Manager Season 99/00 V3.71 Crack (C) EIDOS / RELEASE DETAILS // Date......: 30/01/2000 Disks.....: xx/01 OS........: WiN9*/NT Type......: No-CD Crack / RELEASE NOTES // The game is now compatible with all CD rom drives Fixed a Network Crash bug Fixed multiple scout news item error (game should now not freeze on particular dates) Fixed bug where quick player search included own squad players by default Fixed J-League points problem for subsequent league stages Fixed a bug where players were reported as being a bad influence when their team had won Fixed J-League points problem for subsequent league stages Fixed rounding bug for release fee transfer checks. Fixed the Half Time Oranges news item message Fixed other annoying board messages/request options Fixed Belgian League Cup Final so now it has no replay and no extra time Fixed rare English League Cup problem with away goals Fixed a virtual staff bug with teams which do not have reserve teams Fixed MLS penalty shootout bug Players are now more likely to negotiate when requesting a new contract instead of telling you that you can't afford their wages Stopped players who are unhappy with training from being to upset when attempting to negotiate a new contract Stopped Players from saying that they want a new contract when you have already offered them one Stopped players from saying they're interested in 250k a week Added new error messages to help you identify problems easier Improved the starting rating of substitutes so they are a little less likely not to get a 6 Lowered Goalkeeper average ratings slightly Called up under 21 players count towards match postponements When a player on loan from a B team is bought, he is now removed from the B team squad properly When game is saved before confirming a national team selection, there was a bug when you load the game and try to confirm it. Elgin City and Peterhead are now called up to Scottish league in second season Swedish language nationality corrected on 'Choose Nationality Screen' and 'Player Profiles Screen' / INSTALL NOTES //DDownload the 3.71 update from, use winzip to extract the filesfrom the update into your cm9900 directory, run setup.exe and install theupdate, once the update is installed run the no-cd crack from the cm9900directory and then play the game as normal.Thanx go to Demon for releasing the cracked exe, even if they don't know how to label rar files properly :)This crack was created using LAXiTYs UltraPatcher 32 V0.5, good work guys.To contact me send a mail to, replies will only be sent if you send me naked pics of your mom :O)

Championship Manager 4 No-cd Crack Battlefield 1942


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