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Zf 5 Speed Manual Transmission Fluid

The ZF 5 speed transmissions are known to be rugged and relatively strong with the only major concern being synchronizer wear. Synchro wear occurs naturally through normal use but can be expedited by improper operation and/or abuse (slamming gears, power shifting, not using the clutch properly, harsh downshifts at high RPM, etc). Both the ZF S5-42 and later S5-47 transmissions require full synthetic MERCON V automatic transmission fluid for lubrication (MERCON V replaces the original MERCON spec, which is now defunct and no longer produced by Ford). Failure to use the proper fluid will result in reduced shift quality and premature wear. Ford recommends replacing the transmission fluid at 60,000 mile intervals, however you may consider 30,000 mile service intervals if you tow frequently; the fluid in manual transmissions tends to reach very high temperatures and the ATF will degrade more rapidly under high load conditions.

Zf 5 Speed Manual Transmission Fluid

If you have not already performed the Heim Joint Mod for 1988 - 1997 Ford trucks, we highly recommend you consider the upgrade. It completely removes and eliminates the problematic plastic bushing found in the eye of the clutch master cylinder pushrod. This is a permanent, maintenance free fix for an extremely common problem associated with the ZF 5 speed manual transmission.

The ZF S5-42 is a fully synchronized 5 speed manual transmission with overdrive first used by Ford for the 1987 model year in the F350 4x2 Diesel Cab and Chassis truck. The rest of the F-Series models and the full size Bronco would get ZF S5-42 5 speeds for the 1988 model year. The ZF S5-42 has an input torque rating of 420 lb.ft. and the 2-piece transmission housing is made of cast aluminum. The Front Case includes an integral Bellhousing, and it is provided with both left and right PTO covers. Ford used both close ratio (4.14:1 1st gear Diesel only) and wide ratio (5.76:1 1st gear, both gas and Diesel) versions of this transmission for both 4x4 and 4x2 applications.

The ZFS5-42 transmission is primarily found in F250, F350, and Super Duty trucks, but it was also available in the Bronco and F150. This is a German designed 5 speed transmission that was reasonably durable for the stock gas and diesel engines it was mated too. In some respects the ZF S5-42 is superior to the New Venture NV4500 series transmissions used in contemporary Dodge and GM trucks and is far more reliable than the Getrag G360 used in 1989-1993 Dodge Diesel trucks, but the Dexron/Mercon lubricant required in the ZF has certainly contributed to many transmission failures if the transmission fluid was not changed regularly.

The ZF S5-31 transmission is a five-speed manual transmission by ZF Friedrichshafen. The transmission is designed for use in longitudinal engine applications. The transmission is rated for 310 Nm (229 lbf ft) of torque. The transmission weighs 39 kg (86 lb), and holds 1.3 litres of transmission fluid.[1]

If you want durable car and truck transmission parts for your vehicle, ZF6 transmission parts could work very well and improve the overall performance of your vehicle. These ZF6 parts fit a variety of vehicles, and some may even work for a Ford 5-speed manual transmission 4 x 4 vehicle. No matter what sort of vehicle you own, new or used ZF6 Duramax parts could help your vehicle perform as well as possible.

The ZF 6-speed manual transmission parts on eBay will work with a variety of Ford vehicles. Many of these parts are designed to be compatible with many makes and models, including Ford vehicles. A ZF counter transmission shaft can work with a number of Ford vehicles, specifically any variety of a Ford 350 that operates on a four-wheel-drive system. Any trim of the Ford 350 could use a counter shift such as that one. A transmission pan is another example of a versatile ZF5 transmission part. This aluminum transmission pan fits all Ram 1500 vehicles from the model year 2013 up to the model year 2018 version of the vehicle.

Whether you have a ZF 6-speed transmission or not, the reliability of your transmission system is very important to you as a driver. Transmission parts made by ZF are manufactured using German engineering and are typically quite reliable. If you have a Ford ZF 6-speed manual transmission for sale that you are interested in, you can rest assured you are getting a reliable and durable transmission system. You might have a Chevy vehicle and require a Chevy ZF 6-speed manual transmission instead. You will not have to worry about ZF 6-speed auto problems with these parts.

A: Yes. ZF sells a number of different kinds of automatic transmission fluid. This transmission fluid is for many different vehicles from Passat vehicles to Jaguar vehicles and much more. You will likely find transmission fluid from ZF for the automatic transmission system in your vehicle if you search for it.

Consequently, most manual transmission problems fall into one of three areas: Clutch related (worn or slipping clutch); clutch or shift linkage problems (leaky slave or master hydraulic cylinder, broken or misadjusted cables, worn release bearing, etc.); or the gear box itself (bad synchronizers, noisy, worn or broken gears, worn bearings, bent or broken shift forks, pops out of gear, and so on).

When choosing a transmission rebuilder, look for someone who has previous experience with the model of transmission you need to be fixed. A shop that rebuilds automatic transmissions may or may not have the expertise to set up a particular manual gear box correctly. Also, look for the longest possible warranty. Six months to a year should be the minimum.

Our range of transmission fluids can help achieve very good and smooth shifting performance and long operation life for transmissions. Wide range of top OEM approvals like ZF, Voith, Allison Transmission as well as many other to be used in mixed on-highway fleets as well as in construction, mining and other off-highway sectors.

Our advanced fluids like Mobilube 1 SHC 75W-90, Mobilube S 80W-90 combine large number of OEM approvals in combination with API GL-4 + API GL-5 specification and could be used in many transmissions and heavy loaded gears, axles, reducers included hypoid gears.

This page covers fluid information and recommendations for BMW manual and automatic transmissions, rear differentials, and front differentials on xDrive models. Note: for the purposes of this page, "Vintage" refers to all BMW cars built up to and including the E30 3-series.

Vintage 5-speed manualMost manual transmissions on vintage models do not have a fluid label on the transmission because nearly all gearboxes took the same fluid - a universal GL-4. If no label is present, the official recommendation is any GL-4 gear oil. Our favorite is the Red Line MTL. However, some transmissions will have an orange ATF label and you should use a Dexron III ATF fluid. The 1984-1986 325e/528e should have a green "Special Oil" label on the transmission. These transmissions use a specific Mobil SHC 630 synthetic fluid (SAE 90 weight). Because of the narrow applications, we don't have a recommended alternative to the Mobil fluid.Recommended replacement interval: 30,000-40,000 milesShop MTL for BMW Manual Transmissions:

From the mid-1990s, nearly all BMW manual transmissions, except 6-speed M models, use a Dexron III ATF oil, indicated by an "ATF" label on the transmission. You can find a Dexron III spec almost anywhere, but we are impressed with the performance of Red Line ATF D4 in manual transmissions. In our experience, it outperforms even fresh factory fluid, especially in colder temps. For track use, an ATF may become too slippery at high temps, in which case we recommend the Red Line MT-LV which has a slightly heavier weight that holds up better.Recommended replacement interval: 30,000-40,000 milesShop ATF for BMW Manual Transmissions:

This is the era that BMW started using "Lifetime" fluids, indicated by a "MTF" label on the transmission. The "Lifetime" has never been fully explained and we don't buy into it, especially when fresh fluid typically makes a huge improvement in shift quality and smoothness. The fluid formula has changed over the years - MTF-LT-1, LT-2, LT-3, LT-5, and FFL-4. There are discernible differences between them and LT-2 has the strongest following among enthusiasts. Our observations are that these LT fluids are acceptable in normal day-to-day driving and in cold temperatures but are permanently affected by high temps, such as on track. We have found that the Red Line MT-LV is superior than ATF D4 and factory MTF for these cars in all conditions. SMG transmissions use the same MTF oil as the manual transmissions, however, the SMG Hydraulic Pump uses Pentosin CHF 11S hydraulic fluid.2000s-2010s M 6-speed and SMG (not DCT) MTF

2000s-2010s DCTThe Double-Clutch transmission uses a set of two clutches that are "wet" clutches. The clutch discs are immersed in the same oil used to lubricate the transmission internals. The wet clutch system ensures smooth operation and engagement. BMW requires a special DCT-specific fluid, although they also label it as "Lifetime Fill". We don't buy in to the lifetime fluid policy and have experienced the benefits of fresh fluid on our daily and track cars.The OEM DCT fluid is made by Pentosin and works just fine for normal street use. Red Line DCTF is an upgraded formula that works on normal street cars and holds up better for sustained track time. With more power or higher heat the fluid thins out and breaks down which causes the clutches to slip. A stronger oil like the Red Line fluid will not break down as easily at higher temps.Recommended replacement interval: 30,000-40,000 milesShop DCTF for BMW:

Note that changing the fluid on automatic transmissions can be a very technical process that requires a precise procedure, special tools, and/or professional-level diagnostics software. There is no doubt that fresh fluid will perform better than used and dirty fluid. However, most of the problems we hear come from an improper transmission flush where particles and debris block fluid flow or from failing to set the correct fluid level after. We believe automatic transmission fluid service should be left to a professional BMW technician and that extended fluid service (>50,000 miles) is acceptable as long as the fluid level is regularly checked and maintained.Vintage 4-speed autoATF Dexron III is the fluid standard for 4-speed BMW automatics (ZF 4HP). This is also the most common ATF you will find at auto parts stores (it's compatible with most GM and Ford auto transmissions).Recommended replacement interval: 40,000 milesShop ATF for BMW Automatic Transmissions: 041b061a72


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