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Ali Butchers

The Last Train To Redbridge Online Free

Redbridge railway station lies in the Redbridge district just a few miles west of Southampton city centre. It was opened in the mid-19th century by the then Southampton and Dorchester Railway and two decades later became a junction. Interestingly, in the early-20th century, it was an important station for the transport of gunpowder from the New Forest. Today, it runs along the Wessex Main Line and is run and managed by South Western Railway. Facilities at the station include a footbridge linking the platforms, waiting shelters and help points. Though the old station buildings still exist, they are no longer used as a ticket office. Tickets need to be bought in advance online or onboard the train with the conductor. There is one direct departure an hour to Southampton Central in 7 minutes and Salisbury in 32 minutes.

The Last Train to Redbridge online free



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