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MarZ: Tactical Base Defense Download PC Game

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Within the strategy game genre, MarZ: Tactical Base Defense is closer to Command and Conquer than it does to the Civilization games in terms of aesthetics. This should be a massive indicator of how this game is played. The maps are smaller and players control elements such as guns and soldiers to defend their bases. MarZ: Tactical Base Defense has real-time strategy elements, so players who expect turn-based gameplay like Civilization will do well to manage their expectations.

Build your defense base to fight back the undead hordes of Mars and secure the future of the red planet. MarZ is a game of strategy and tactical defense where you must carefully manage your crew and resources as you try to uncover the terrible secrets of the undead.

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The undead hordes of Mars are invading your base, and you're the only one that's standing between them and your crew. Engage in a thrilling story campaign that features 20 mission stories in which you will be doing your best to hold off the undead threat while learning more about the secrets of the red planet and making your way towards one of the alternate endings. The game's Skirmish mode offers the opportunity to make your very own customized procedurally-generated skirmishes in which players take on hordes of relentless undead foes.

MarZ has another game mode called Outbreak within Skirmish where the player has to create a super incredible defense against only one and brutal zombie horde that comes all at once, instead of in waves. Thanks to the Marsform map editor, you can construct entire custom maps and then share them on the Steam Workshop so that others like yourselves can enjoy some free, player-created content. Many different technology options are present so that you can upgrade your towers with things like mines, Tesla towers which can teleport zombies, powerful mortars, devastating prism lasers, fast repair drones, and more.

Meet Your Maker is a premium action game for PC coming from Behaviour Interactive Inc. It's a first-person MMO adventure that is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Its gameplay mixes base-building mechanics with fast-paced action that has players conduct raids on other constructs to gather more materials for their own.

Constructing a defense base called Outpost is one-half of its gameplay. Choose your preferred building material, build it however you want, and populate it with traps and AI guards to attack oncoming raiders. On the flip side, raiding others is a thrilling endeavor. Grapple hook through platforms, shoot enemies, and steal some Genmat and various loot on the way back.

From early previews and trailers, Meet Your Maker is looking to be a solid online multiplayer action game to keep tabs on in the coming months. Its combination of free and open base building mechanics and dungeon raid-like gameplay is rather intriguing. If you're looking for something new to play with your friends, add this one to your list of considerations. 59ce067264


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