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Pişti ile Eğlenceli Vakit Geçirin: Online ve Offline Seçenekler

Pişti (pronounced "pishti"), sometimes known as Pişpirik, is a popular Turkish card game, using a standard 52 card pack. It is normally played by four people in partnerships, partners sitting opposite. The direction of play is anticlockwise.

Cards are played to a central pile, which can be captured by matching the previous card played or playing a jack. Points are scored for certain captured cards. The word "pişti", which means "cooked", describes a capture of a pile containing only one card, for which extra points are scored.



The dealer shuffles and the player to dealer's left cuts the pack by lifting off a part of it and looks at the bottom card of the lifted part of the pack (which will become the bottom card of the pack when the cut is completed). If this card is a jack, the cutter looks at the next card and continues until a card is reached that is not a jack, and places that card where it will be the bottom card of the pack.

The dealer completes the cut, deals the top four cards face down to the centre of the table, and then a packet of four cards to each player, beginning to dealer's right and ending with the dealer. The remaining stock of (undealt) cards is placed face down to one side; the bottom card (the one the cutter looked at, which is not a jack) is placed face up at right angles under the stock, so that its value can be seen by all.

The dealer turns one card of the four in the centre of the table face up, to start the discard pile. If it is a jack, further cards are turned up until one is found that is not a jack. In the unlikely event that all four of the centre cards were jacks, there would have to be a redeal.

If rank of the played card matches the rank of the previous card on the pile, the playing team captures the whole pile. The captured cards are stored face down in front of one member of the team. The next player will then start a new discard pile by playing a card face up to the empty table.

The team which makes the first capture also gets the cards which were dealt to the centre of the table. Both members of the capturing team can look at these cards, but the other team are not allowed to see them.

When all the players have played their four cards, the dealer deals another batch of four cards to each player from the stock (but no more to the centre of the table) and play continues. When these cards are played, the dealer deals a further batch of four cards each. With four players, this third deal exhausts the stock (the dealer will get the exposed card from the bottom of the pack). When everyone has played their last four cards, any cards remaining in the discard pile are given to the last team that made a capture. The play of the hand is now over, and the teams score for the cards they have captured (see below).

If the pile consists of just one card and the next player captures it by playing a matching card (not a jack), the capturing team scores a 10 point bonus for a pişti. The capturing card is placed face up in the team's capture pile as a way of remembering the 10 points when scoring. If the pile consists of just a single jack and you capture it with another jack, this counts as a double pişti, worth 20 points. A pişti can happen at any stage of the game, except that you cannot score a pişti for the very first card played by the player to dealer's right (capturing the original centre cards) nor for the very last card played by the dealer (just before the hand is scored).

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After the hand has been scored, the turn to deal passes to the right. The winners are the first team to have a cumulative score of 151 or more points at the end of a hand, or the team which has more points if both reach 151 on the same hand.

Traditionally the score is kept on paper using tally marks for tens, grouping them into fifties. The first ten is a horizontal stoke: , to which vertical tallies are added to make twenty: , thirty: and forty: . Fifty is indicated by closing off tallies to form a gate: .

On the score sheet each team has a column. The tally of tens is kept at the top, and odd units are written at the bottom of each column. The illustration shows a score of 64 to 38 for a game in progress. When a team collects more than ten units at the bottom of the sheet, tens can be transferred to the tallies at the top, and the number of odd units revised accordingly.

Pişti is also commonly played by two players or by four playing as individuals. The rules are exactly the same as given above. It is also feasible for three people to play, each keeping an individual score.

A popular variation is to play with bluffing. When there is a single card on the table, the next player can play a single card on top of it face down, claiming a pişti. If the player of the first card believes this, it counts as a pişti for 10 points, and the card played is not shown. If the player of the first card does not believe it, the second card is turned face up. If it really matches the first card, then the pişti scores double - 20 points. If the second card was a bluff, and does not match the first card, the team which played the first card scores 20 points for exposing the bluff; in that case the two cards remain on the table and play continues. If you bluff when the face up card is a jack, then you will score 20 for a double pişti if you are believed, and if not the score will be doubled to 40.

Some descriptions do not mention the possibility of scoring double for a pişti made with a jack. It is possible that some players do not count this as a pişti at all, or only score it as a single pişti.

The dealer will then deal four cards to the center of the table. Then each player is also dealt 4 cards. The remaining cards are kept close to the dealer for future deals. The bottom card of the deck is revealed and kept faceup under the deck slightly off-center so that it can be seen by all players.

The top card of the four cards dealt to the center is revealed to create the play pile. If it is a jack an additional card is revealed. In the unlikely event all four cards are jacks, a redeal would be needed.

There are also additional points awarded for the team to capture the most cards, and for certain captures called Piştis. These will be discussed more below, but 3 points are awarded to the team with the most captured cards, and 10 points are awarded for each Pişti.

The team that captures the play pile first is also awarded the remaining center dealt cards that were not used to start the play pile. The team who captures these cards may look at them before putting them in their score pile but may not show the other team.

If a player ever captures a play pile with only a single card in it, and they do so with a card of the same rank and not a jack, this player scores a Pişti. If a jack is captured by another jack, then this is a double Pişti and is worth 20 points. A Pişti cannot be scored by the first card played (aka the first turn of the first player) or by the last card (the final card played by the dealer).

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Play moves to the right. On the players turn he or she places a card from their hand on the discard pile. If the rank of the top card is the same as the card played, the player captures the whole pile. The player keeps the pile face down on there side of the table. Jacks are wild and always capture the pile. If the player did not capture the card played becomes the new top card.

When the discard pile has one card and it is captured this is called a Pişti. The capturing team gets 10 points. Place the card face up in the capture pile to keep track of it. When the card captured is a jack captured by another jack it is worth 20 points. This is a double Pişti. However , there is no bonus for a jack capturing a single card that is not a Jack.

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Pisti is a fun-loving, friendly person. She shows this through her warm attitude and her constant smiling. Despite her young appearance, Pisti is intelligent, knowing of international affairs and serving as a diplomatic chief. Because she is discontent with her appearance, she has complicated feelings towards girls with larger chests. She is also said to be good at pretending to cry, but says that it no longer works on Ja'far. Pisti is also noted to be good friends with Spartos and Sharrkan, as they are "drinking buddies". She is also proud of the fact that she has been confessed to by men from the Sindrian Court 13 times. Pisti can also be quite serious at times, like when Judar infiltrates Sindria.

Not much is known about Pisti's past. It was stated that she came from Artemyra, the country of the warrior girls that dance in the sky, and belonged to the royal family of her homeland as she is the youngest daughter of the Artemyra's Queen. It can be assumed that she met Sinbad on one of his travels, which helped establish the trust they have now. She became a resident of Sindria under special circumstances.


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