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Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation adventure game developed by Gameloft Montreal and published by Gameloft.[4] The game has players tend to a magical valley populated by various Disney and Pixar characters who previously underwent a curse that caused them to lose their memories of their lives in the valley.


Disney Dreamlight Valley takes place in the titular "Dreamlight Valley", a magical valley with various biomes populated by Disney and Pixar characters. The game features nonlinear gameplay similar to Nintendo's Animal Crossing games where players take control of a customizable human player character living in the valley. The valley is synced to real time based on the time set on the player's console or computer.

The player can explore the valley to gather resources and use their magic to clear away "Night Thorns", unwanted plants with dark magic that spawn throughout the valley. Foods can be cooked into various meals at a cooking station such as an oven or a campfire, while other resources can be crafted into materials or furniture at a crafting station. The player can eat food to replenish energy, which is required to use magic-imbued tools including a pickaxe, a shovel, a fishing rod, and a watering can; meals can replenish greater amounts of energy than foods grown, harvested, or purchased in the valley, and can make the player "well fed", which gives them a movement speed boost. Furniture and certain objects can be placed and rearranged in the valley or inside the player's house, and the player can also move and rotate buildings in the valley to their liking. The player can also change their outfit and appearance at any time, clothing can be customized further by the player with a clothes designer option called "Touch of Magic". Unlike in the Animal Crossing games, the player's tools, clothing, and furniture do not take up space in their inventory; tools are selected using an option wheel and never break from use, while the inventory screen contains separate "wardrobe" and "furniture" options for clothing and furniture respectively.

The player can earn a currency called "Star Coins" during gameplay, usually by selling most items in their inventory to Goofy at various stalls run by him throughout the valley. Star Coins can be spent on crops and seeds sold by Goofy at his stalls, materials sold by Kristoff at his stall, certain foods that are only available at Remy's restaurant, or on clothes and furniture sold by Scrooge McDuck at his store. They can also be spent on new buildings or building upgrades (all handled in-universe by Scrooge's "McDuck Construction" company) that provide additional benefits, such as more items available at Goofy's stalls or more space in the player's house, or on wells strewn throughout the valley that allows the player to fast travel to different biomes.

The player can interact with and befriend the villagers, including heroes and villains. The player can build up a "friendship level" with that villager by having a daily discussion with them, giving them gifts, completing quests they assign the player, and (except for characters who can only swim in the valley's waters) hanging out with them and doing activities, including gardening, mining, digging, harvesting, and fishing; doing specific activities with a land-based villager, depending on the role the player assigns the villager at friendship level two, will earn the player more resources related to that activity. Raising a friendship level (up to level ten) with a villager will give the player rewards including Star Coins, exclusive furniture and clothes, and exclusive motifs for "Touch of Magic", as well as increased resources from hanging out with them and new quests.

Upon appearing in the titular Dreamlight Valley, the player is met by Merlin, who explains that Dreamlight Valley used to be full of Disney and Pixar characters co-existing peacefully in harmony, but that all changed with the disappearance of their beloved ruler, at which point, Night Thorns began growing around the valley, leading to "The Forgetting", where while many characters fled to their home realms for protection, others stayed, but the Night Thorns caused them to lose their memories, and the valley fell into disrepair as the Night Thorns overran it. The player decides to help restore the valley and get rid of the Night Thorns.

To start, the player is able to use their own magic, known as "Dreamlight" to clear away the Giant Night Thorns blocking access to the house that looks like their own from back in reality. After recovering a memory hidden in the Night Thorns inside, the player and Merlin decide to investigate the Dream Castle, only to find the entrance blocked by Giant Night Thorns. After performing some activities around the village and recovering the Royal Tools, including a fishing rod, shovel, watering can, and a pickaxe, which also breaks the eternal night spell over the valley, along with meeting some of the other villagers who stayed, including Mickey Mouse, Scrooge McDuck, and Goofy, the player is able to clear away the Giant Night Thorns and regain access to the Dream Castle. Inside, doorways to various realms where the other villagers had fled when The Forgetting came are found, but they all have been sealed by Night Thorns. The player will need to collect more Dreamlight to unlock the doors to visit the realms, help the characters inside with their problems, and once accomplished, be able to bring them back to the Dreamlight Valley to help restore it. Along the way, they help Scrooge and Goofy reopen their businesses, help Remy reopen his restaurant for the characters to dine at, fix up the garden for WALL-E to grow crops in, repair a canoe for Moana to catch fish with, and provide housing for many of the characters returning to Dreamlight Valley through Scrooge's personal "McDuck Construction Company". The player also opens up other regions of the valley blocked by Giant Night Thorns, allowing further exploration, meeting other characters who stayed in the valley, and helping them as well, such as Kristoff, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Ariel, Ursula, Scar, and Mother Gothel.

The beautiful world of Disney Dreamlight Valley has been plagued by The Forgetting, and it's your responsibility to save the people of the valley with your magic. While you're trying to do that, you'll meet a bunch of familiar characters that you saw in different Disney movies.

Kristoff is an extremely popular character, and he hails from the world of Frozen. Fortunately, it's not that complicated to unlock this character since he decided to stay in the valley while a bunch of other characters went to their respective realm, completely forgetting about the place.

While he stayed in the valley, things work a little differently for Kristoff compared to the other characters who stayed behind. Even though you can unlock Mickey Mouse or Goofy at the very start, there are a few requirements before you start thinking about getting Kristoff.

Essentially, you are required to unlock the Forest of Valor area in the valley. If you open your map, you'll locate this area toward the east, beside Plaza and above Dazzle Beach. There is a path leading to it from both these areas as well, but you'll need to spend 3,000 Dreamlight to unlock it.

The Dreamlight Valley's mysterious ruler has departed and, in their absence, the Forgetting began. Ghastly Night Thorns grew all over the biomes and characters retreated to their homes and into the Dream Castle, with most losing their memories. It's up to you, Dreamlight Valley's magical saviour, to restore the memories of its inhabitants and rid the world of the Forgetting. There's no combat in Dreamlight Valley, rather you'll use your magic to destroy the Night Thorns and complete quests by helping various characters in each biome, such as searching for their lost items. Helping characters is also the way to unlock Royal Tools, which will help you on your way to saving the valley. Sounding like a pretty basic fairytale adventure so far? Well, not quite.

You can expand the size of your dilapidated little shack and pick it up and place it in any biome. Want a house on the beach inspired by Moana and Ariel? Do it! Or would you prefer to live near Pride Rock and pretend you're a lion? No one's judging here. While you can't create cliffs or rivers, you can pick up every tree and rock and move it, creating a truly personalised experience that is unlikely to look like any other player's valley. There are plans to link the game with social content, presumably to show off your weird and wonderful homes, and the team are hopeful that they can add co-op later so you can visit your pal's world.

Dreamlight valley doesn't work with other games. Animal crossing relies on changing the time. Once you do that it breaks dreamligjt valley completely making the game completely useless and worst money spent

If you haven't unlocked some of these areas, then you may need to farm for Dreamlight, which you can then use to unlock the different areas around the valley. These regions also allow you to unlock new characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so it is recommended to start unlocking them early on. 041b061a72


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