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Emil Sitnikov

Arts Social Sciences Library Bristol Opening Times

The University of Bristol confirmed a blocked drain caused some flooding at their arts and social sciences library. Despite reports the library was "flooded with poo", the university wouldn't confirm the nature of the flooding.

arts social sciences library bristol opening times

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Abstract:Article processing charges (APCs) are one method of many to ensure open access to research literature, but studies that explore the funding sources for such payments, especially as related to open access publications in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, have been limited. This study seeks to understand the range of funding sources that are available and used by faculties in these disciplines to pay for APCs associated with publishing in open access journals, as well as attitudes towards and awareness of available institutional funds that may inflect future engagement with open access publishing. The authors distributed a survey to faculty who had an open access journal article published in 2017 from three doctoral granting, high research activity universities in the United States. Twenty-two scholars participated in the final survey, ten of whom indicated that they paid an APC for their publication. While the results cannot make generalizations about funding sources, they do suggest that both the prevalence of APCs as well as attitudes about open access engagement may be influenced by disciplinary self-identification. This research contributes to discussions around the future of open access funding models as well as to disciplinary outreach regarding APC funding for journal publications.Keywords: open access; article processing charges; APC; funding sources; social sciences; arts; humanities


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