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High School Odyssey PATCHED

The Odyssey Institute for Advanced and International Studies High School is a Cognia accredited 9th-12th Grade campus with a focus on high academic achievement, character acquisition, and cultural awareness. As an IB School (Middle Years Programme & Diploma Programme), the Odyssey Institute emphasizes global citizenship and personal values, and the bar is set nothing short of excellence for all team members.

High School Odyssey

Odyssey Charter School accepts enrollment for any school-age child in Clark County Nevada. We are a Las Vegas public school that is sponsored by the Clark County School District (CCSD), and there is no tuition.

During the week prior to the first day of school, you will complete an online orientation with your parent or guardian. This will begin your journey as an Odyssey Charter Schools High School student. Once school begins, you will attend class once a week for 3 hours. This face-to-face component is required and is an opportunity for your teachers to work with you and ensure that you are successfully completing your coursework. During class, you will receive instruction, work on course assignments and work one-on-one with faculty. Contact with your teachers is encouraged when extra help is required in the varied courses. This communication allows your teachers to be aware of the extra help you may need during the day that you are scheduled to come on campus.

At Odyssey, we use our news blog to post our school-wide announcements and events. Below are some of the most recent high school announcements and k-12 events. You can also check our dedicated calendar or events page for the latest school dates and activities.

It has been a joy to visit learning spaces over the past four months and see our students reengaged in their classroom learning and school activities. I am pleased to observe our students interacting with peers and diving into new curriculum materials.

If your student is absent from school due to an illness, you can find out when your student can return to school by visiting Please report absences by entering them via Family Acess in Skyward.

In preparation for bringing students to school, BISD has created a Return to Learn Handbook with a high-level overview of the many ways BISD has modified operational practices to keep schools as safe as possible.

Odyssey Charter School was selected by the U.S. Department of Education after being nominated by the Florida Department of Education. The Odyssey "Whole School-Whole Child" education model combines the best practices in holistic education and child development with the best practices in healthy living and environmental stewardship. The school's aim is to help each child reach full potential by providing learning environments that both nurture the health of children and strive to create a healthier world for them to inherit through the essential elements of wellness, connections to nature, sustainability, experiential learning and physical exercise.

In accordance with federal and state anti-discrimination laws and in accordance with the Florida Educational Equity Act, Section 1000.05(2)(a) the School will not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, disability, or marital status against a student in its school admission process.

Odyssey Charter High School is ranked 69thwithin Nevada.Studentshave the opportunity to take Advanced Placement coursework and exams.The AP participation rate at Odyssey Charter High School is 18%.The total minority enrollment is 61%, and100% of students are economically disadvantaged.Odyssey Charter High School is1 of 72 high schoolsin theClark County School District.

Odyssey is a highly specialized, research-based school environment designed to support students with behavioral and social emotional needs who have not found success at other schools. Using a comprehensive trans-disciplinary planning and service delivery approach, evidenced based curriculum, and technology, the program specifically addresses the individual needs of high school students, grades 9th - 12th who need a smaller, structured, individualized setting. Odyssey offers a multi-faceted social/emotional and behavioral response system that works to assist students to develop their strengths and pro-social skills on their journey to self-discovery. Students are referred to the program by their district of residence via the IEP process.

There is a research report that students work on in Unit 7. This paper is based on one I wrote in the first evolutionary biology class I took when I was in college. High school students should be expected to write this report with more emphasis on the evolutionary history of the organism.

Unit 4: during this, the longest unit of the book, kids will work on the practice of science by designing two of their own experiments. I would spend the time focusing on designing experiments and how to apply the specifics of the scientific method to their experiments. This is a good lead-in because in Unit 5 kids are first introduced to the formal definition of the scientific theory. Without a clear understanding of how science is practiced and the specific parts that go into the practice of science, the specific application of the word theory in science is often confused with its common use outside of science. A very interesting, to me, LOL but hard, activity that I wrote can be found at the link below. If you have a math loving child they might love this. It\u2019s a great demonstration too. PM me if you need someone to walk you through it. -are-we-all-so-different-an-unpublished-lab-from-r-e-a-l-science-odyssey-biology-2/

Unit 7: Because so many high schools don\u2019t even teach this, it would be easy to argue that this already is at a high school level. The main difference between the high school level courses I have seen, those that do teach this, in the way this is taught is that the cladogram\u2019s use biochemical and genetic markers instead of the more apparent physiological markers I chose. If you have a student who is very strong in science, I recommend looking up cladograms that use those, otherwise I would stick with the cladograms as they are written. The unfamiliar chemical terminology can make the cladograms seem harder than they are, and many kids find them challenging as written.

Odyssey of the Mind (OM) is a creative problem solving competition. The purpose of the program is to provide students with an exciting learning experience that promises to be challenging and fun. OM promotes creativity by challenging teams to solve problems that have more than one possible solution.Each OM team must have at least one adult head coach, and may have 5-7 students. Students form their own teams and find their own coach(es). Teams usually meet once a week at a time convenient to all team members. As the competition gets closer, the teams usually meet 2 or 3 times a week. Teams that place in the top 3 spots in their division at the Regional Competition advance to the State competition.In you are interested in coaching a team or need students for your team, please contact Dr. Linda Conlon, High School OM Coordinator. For additional information, please visit the Odyssey of the Mind website, or

After all Moore had been through -- his father's stroke, transfer after transfer leading to stops in four schools and even a flirtation with a professional career -- he'd reached this stage. What might be the final part of his cross-country journey through college basketball will bring Moore right back where he started.

"I mean, it's a dream come true," Moore told ESPN moments after Miami's win. "You know, just excited to be here with my team. This is a moment I'm going to treasure forever, for the rest of my life. ... After all I've been through -- different schools, coaches leaving, my dad, I've been through a lot. So it's a special moment."

"Going from school to school, you know, also with my dad going through his situation, that was tough for me," Moore said. "I always wanted to get close to him, help him and my mom out. Stuff they were going through, if they were going through something, I'm going through it."

Moore knows it might look like he was jumping from situation to situation for basketball reasons, but the 24-year-old says that wasn't the case. Staying would have been easy -- he says he didn't necessarily want to leave any of the schools he played for.

Larranaga remembered Moore from high school recruiting events and texted him. Moore was interested. COVID forced a Zoom recruitment with Moore and his family. Moore talked with Curtis, who knew his son wanted to end his career in the tournament after a couple of years of struggle at DePaul, and offered his blessing for another move across the country. Moore says Curtis "made stuff make sense."

Neither has a journey that has taken Moore from the Pac-12 to the Big 12 to the Big East to the ACC. Even with the explosion of the transfer portal, a player with four high-major stops over six seasons is still a rarity in college basketball.

Odyssey Charter School will continue offering Greek dual language immersion education during the 2023-2024 school year. In the Greek dual language immersion program, 50% of the core curricular content is delivered in Greek and 50% of the core curricular content is delivered in English through a two-teacher mode: one teacher is teaching students entirely in English, while the other is teaching entirely in Greek. In particular, students are taught ELA and Social Studies in English; Mathematics and Science are taught in Greek together with Greek Language Arts. All subjects follow the common core state standards. 041b061a72


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