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Ernest Yakovlev
Ernest Yakovlev

Xid 580ie Driver !LINK!

PRINTING BEAUTIFUL CARDS IS NOW EASIER THAN EVER High productivity, up to 160 full-color and up to 750 monochrome cards per hour Convenient, automatic front card loading and output User-friendly design for easy operation and maintenance Advanced cleaning roller system Various ribbon combinations available Ideal for employee and visitor IDs, student IDs, membership and loyalty cards, gift cards, and access control cards DCP 240+ Direct Card Printer The single-sided, edge-to-edge EDIsecure DCP 240+ Direct Card Printer is the perfect solution to enter the world of ID card printing. With its fast print speed, superb image quality and very user-friendly operation it is ideal for issuing photo IDs and loyalty cards. With its excellent design and small footprint it fits perfectly on every desk and, best of all, it is very quiet. The print speed is remarkable with up to 160 full-color and up to 750 monochrome cards per hour. With its attractive price point, it is the best single-sided card printer in its class. Easy handling is guaranteed by the quick-change of supplies through re-loadable cartridges, operator replaceable printheads, front-facing card feeding and output, and continuous card cleaning. The advanced cleaning roller system removes particles that could scratch cards, damage printheads or diminish print quality. The smart printer driver shows all information on the PC screen, including message prompts, color image previews and online help. Choose with barcodes and magnetic stripe encoding the machinereadable technology that fits with your access control and other automated systems. THERE IS ONE FOR EVERYBODY

Xid 580ie Driver

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