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Emil Sitnikov
Emil Sitnikov

A. MalcolmOutlander : Season 3 Episode 6 !!BETTER!!

Things got really steamy, real fast. This was the first time that I felt like the "soft-core porn" accusation sometimes leveled at the show might be accurate. Or maybe that's just because I watched the episode so many times. The things I do for you guys...

A. MalcolmOutlander : Season 3 Episode 6

And so, I say, on behalf of thousands of vested and vocal Outlander fans, thank you. For one of the best episodes of TV ever, for making our PRINT SHOP dreams come true, and for helping to bring Outlander Season 3 back to center.

I think that after 5 viewings in 2 days, I can say that I love this episode as much as I did the wedding episode. Hats off to Matt Carter and the entire crew, especially Cait and Sam who bring Claire and Jamie to life like no one else could.

Thank you Matt for Jamie POV in the beginning. Thanks for those human, imperfect moments between these beloved characters. The intimacy through out the episode was slow & beautiful. Thanks for roller coaster of emotions (laughter & Tears). Thank you for even making me yell at the screen at the end of the episode.

This is a really good review/recap. You must have worked really hard on it, making all the cross references to past episodes and scripts. I am very impressed and thankful. You have made me appreciate 306 a lot more. I must admit that when I first watched it I was a bit disappointed. The build up in the media for the famous reunion created an awful lot of expectations. I was expecting a lot more emotional scenes ( tears, hugging, etc.) ( I am French so I cannot help it, We are rather melodramatic at times). Now I can appreciate the restraint that Sam showed and I think he was right in his approach. On to 307. Thx again for this.

Beth expresses exactly what I was feeling. After first watching the episode, I felt hollow and felt like some huge things were missing, overlooked. Then, I watched it on my Kindle which being such a small screen allowed me to see closely the subtleties of expression, the nuances in touch and the mutual trust of their two souls begin to unfold once again.It actually is a tremendous episode and both Caitrona and Sam did a truly remarkable job in showing us the depth of Jaime and Claire: their vulnerabilities, fears and in a most human sense how 20 years apart effected them on profound internal levels. When i really pondered it, how could they just fall into each other after all this time? They could not because of their exquisite humaness.

Hi Beth, I was expecting to read your impression about the episode 3.6, and in have tell you it was like reading my mind. At the beginning I thought, just was like I told my husband. By the end I still agree with you 100%. What I believe is part of the reunion, of course the intimate experience after 20 years but as well the night of their marriage, Claire and Jamie were not alone. The night of their marriage the clansmen make the funny note and this time the busy ladies next to. Great episode. Myriam

EXACTLY and I forgot the scene in episode 2. That is a very good point. I loved the subtle breathing, looks and shyness that a reunion after such a long time would really be like. I, too, loved this episode. See my earlier comment.

Starz series Outlander is in the Droughtlander at the moment - a fan term for when the show is not on. But the show will be coming back on March six following delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Outlander is adapted from the book series by American writer Diana Gabaldon with season six using material from the novel A Breath of Snow and Ashes. 041b061a72


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