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Rapidex Computer Course Book Pdf Free 27

Rapidex computer course ir the best book for learning basic and advance computer courses. rapidex computer course book is available in bilingual mode rapidex computer course in hindi and english. Rapidex computer book provides you the well illustrated concept of computer and computer software.

Rapidex Computer Course Book Pdf Free 27

Rapidex Computer Course Book and its flow of topics covered:Rapidex Computer Course [With CD] begins by providing an Introduction to the world of computers. It then presents the operating system that runs the computer. The book covers the Windows Vista OS, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10. It explains the Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI), and shows how to use the Windows operating system. It also provides an overview of some useful Windows utilities and then moves on to cover the powerful Office suite of applications. It presents the various components of the Office 2017 suite. It covers Word 2017, Excel 2017, Publisher 2017, PowerPoint 2017, and Access 2017. The book also covers Tally, an accounts package, and Outlook 2017 a personal Information management application.Rapidex Computer Course is a comprehensive guide on computers and their basic application in everyday life. The book comprises of chapters on personal computers, Windows Vista, Microsoft Office tools, internet and email, and Tally. In addition, the book is accompanied with an interactive CD, which will help the readers understand the computer concepts better. This book is essential for anyone who aspires to learn how to proficiently use a computer. Rapidex Computer Course (With CD) then provides a concise overview of the Internet. It explains to the readers how the Internet is a huge, global network of computers and how this immense network can be used in many beneficial ways. After this, the personal Information management application, Outlook 2007, is covered.

As the time changes the major changes in Information Technology is happening in tremendous fastly ways. To be in sync with all that has happened in the world of computers, software and the Internet, Rapidex Computer Course "with over two million copies in print" has been completely revised and updated.The mission of this book is to provide a step-by-step training to self-learners and students of computer courses. Full of practical examples, this book stands out from a host of other "teach yourself" books. While the contents have been thoroughly revised and updated, the style is the same friendly and familiar one.

In this model technology world, the use of computers is increasing day by day, that is why computer is proving useful for everyone today, whether for studies or for programming, for managing business. For executive post meeting, computer is proving useful day by day for every task, today children sit at home and use their computer Yes, it is possible that all these things are possible, that is why it is very important for every child to have knowledge of computers. Will help a lot in learning or the book name is Rapidex Computer Course PDF.

This book will help you to learn the computer in your language so that you will be able to understand the different functionality of the computer easily. This book will bring you first of all what is the computer about the basic functions of the computer. Everybody of the computer performs every functionality of the computer very well, after that you will get small things like the button on the computer. Has also been covered in the book.

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