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Exception Edbengineerror In Module Cannot Load Driver \/\/TOP\\\\

$2A01 : Field is not a BLOB.$2A02 : BLOB already opened.$2A03 : BLOB not opened.$2A04 : Operation not applicable.$2A05 : Table is not indexed.$2A06 : Engine not initialized.$2A07 : Attempt to re-initialize Engine.$2A08 : Attempt to mix objects from different sessions.$2A09 : Paradox driver not active.$2A0A : Driver not loaded.$2A0B : Table is read only.$2A0C : No associated index.$2A0D : Table(s) open. Cannot perform this operation.$2A0E : Table does not support this operation.$2A0F : Index is read only.$2A10 : Table does not support this operation because not uniquely indexed.$2A11 : Operation must be performed on the current session.$2A12 : Invalid use of keyword.$2A13 : Connection is in use by another statement.$2A14 : Passthrough SQL connection must be shared not handled by Idapi

exception edbengineerror in module cannot load driver

$2C01 : Network initialization failed.$2C02 : Network user limit exceeded.$2C03 : Wrong .NET file version.$2C04 : Cannot lock network file.$2C05 : Directory is not private.$2C06 : Directory is controlled by other .NET file.$2C07 : Unknown network error.$2C08 : Not initialized for accessing network files.$2C09 : SHARE not loaded. It is required to share local files.$2C0A : Not on a network. Not logged in or wrong network driver.$2C0B : Lost communication with SQL server.$2C0D : Cannot locate or connect to SQL server.$2C0E : Cannot locate or connect to network server.

$2E59 : obsolete$2E5A : obsolete$2E5B : Only numeric fields can be summed.$2E5C : Table is write protected.$2E5D : Token not found.$2E5E : Cannot use example element with ! more than once in a single row.$2E5F : Type mismatch in expression.$2E60 : Query appears to ask two unrelated questions.$2E61 : Unused SET row.$2E62 : INSERT, DELETE, FIND, and SET can be used only in the leftmost column.$2E63 : CHANGETO cannot be used with INSERT, DELETE, SET or FIND.$2E64 : Expression must be followed by an example element defined in a SET.$2E65 : Lock failure.$2E66 : Expression is too long.$2E67 : Refresh exception during query.$2E68 : Query canceled.$2E69 : Unexpected Database Engine error.$2E6A : Not enough memory to finish operation.$2E6B : Unexpected exception.$2E6C : Feature not implemented yet in query.

$3E01 : Wrong driver name.$3E02 : Wrong system version.$3E03 : Wrong driver version.$3E04 : Wrong driver type.$3E05 : Cannot load driver.$3E06 : Cannot load language driver.$3E07 : Vendor initialization failed.$3E08 : Your application is not enabled for use with this driver

What you said exactly correctafter login form the user can access various module/components based upon user rights.In each module main form during form load event we using the below code segment. TurboActivate.VersionGUID = sVersionGuid Me.isActivated = TurboActivate.IsActivated If TurboActivate.IsActivated Then If (gSqlDate > TurboActivate.GetFeatureValue("License_expires")) Or (TurboActivate.GetFeatureValue("Spinning") = "n") Then sModuleFlag = "n" Else sModuleFlag = "y" End If Else sModuleFlag = "n" End If


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