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Fundraising Games For Adults

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fundraising games for adults


Incorporating fundraising games into your event can be a great way to maximise the fundraising potential in the room. There will almost always be generous guests who are willing to make a donation, so why not make it fun by adding an entertainment element to the night that encourages the guests to give.

Mystery box games are an effective method of raising some additional funds for your cause as they are easy to set up and a great way to utilise the smaller items that have been donated and might not fit into your silent or live auction.

This is a simple and easy fundraising method that can be incorporated into any type of event. All you need are balloons, string and slips of paper! Simply put the prize slips inside the balloons and fill with helium. On the night you can then sell the balloons for a set price, and once all the balloons have been sold, your guests can pop the balloon to reveal their prize! You can vary the prizes from a simple thanks for donating message, to vouchers for a high-end restaurant, or simply a nice bottle of wine. Varying the value and types of prizes to be won will create excitement and anticipation between guests and increase the funds you raise!

Incorporating gamification at your event is a great way to boost the fundraising potential in the room. Its also an effective way to get guests excited and create a competitive environment within the room.

Creative fundraising ideas can help you get the ball rolling on longer-term initiatives, overcome a mid-campaign slump, or quickly collect resources in response to an unexpected emergency. The effectiveness of your ideas depends on how well they engage donors, maximize participation, motivate immediate action, and inspire donors to give again.

Charge a flat rate for tickets, and consider adding a peer-to-peer fundraising element to bring in donations from a wider audience. Participants can create their own fundraising pages and ask for support leading up to the competition to reach their goals. Plus, people can show their support throughout the event by sending donations to friends or family members competing in each round.

This fun fundraising event keeps participants moving and creates ample opportunities for in-person connection. You could also invite supporters to request their favorite songs for $5 to raise additional revenue.

Northwestern University Dance Marathon (NUDM) has raised more than $22 million for over 30 charitable organizations that benefit the Chicago Youth Programs and The Evanston Community Foundation. This proves the potential fundraising power of a dance marathon and reaffirms the impact of peer-to-peer fundraising.

Partner with a local gym to get this fundraising event idea up and running (pun intended). Ask supporters and community members to sign up for a time slot (minimum of 15 minutes) and collect pledges of specific gift amounts per mile that their team completes.

Charge a flat registration fee or offer a fundraising minimum for supporters to earn their spot in class. If you choose to host this event virtually, charge admission to attend the livestream. You can also include an incentive for larger donations by offering time with the chef after class for anyone who reaches the tier two fundraising level.

Invite gamers to create a fundraising page that they can share with viewers during their Twitch event. Provide them with the tools they need to promote their stream, and encourage them to recruit friends, family, and fellow gamers to tune in to support their efforts.

Ask local businesses to donate breakfast staples like muffins, fruit, bagels, and coffee for this easy fundraising idea. Next, have supporters and their networks place orders. Enlist volunteers to deliver the goods and encourage tips in the form of donations.

Strike a deal with a local restaurant, spa, or hotel to offer an exclusive date night prize to the winner of your fundraising auction. Identify potential businesses in your area that donors have shown an interest in, and highlight the incredible marketing opportunity those establishments will receive from this event.

For those looking to meet new, like-minded people with a shared interest in philanthropy, host a speed dating fundraising event to break the ice between singles in your community and create a welcoming atmosphere for connection.

Expand your fundraising opportunities with a food-forward event sure to draw in supporters of all ages. Whether you serve pies, doughnuts, or hot dogs, contestants will be excited to compete in a timed eating contest and fund your good work.

Plan a silent auction as a solo event, or add it to an existing fundraising initiative as a supplementary revenue driver. Reach out to your network to start assembling items, but also consider appointing a committee of volunteers who can solicit their contacts for additional gifts.

Invite your supporters to an elegant evening of dinner, drinks, live entertainment, and ample fundraising opportunities to recognize the success of your organization and help attendees better understand your impact.

Bring Vegas to your hometown and host a casino night complete with roulette, blackjack, and poker games. Invite guests to dress up and donate to participate. You could also invite attendees to donate certain gift amounts in exchange for entries into a grand prize raffle at the end of the evening. Prizes like a gift card to a nice restaurant in your area or free tickets to your next nonprofit event are both great options.

See who can piece all of the clues together to solve the mystery at this classic fundraising event. Attendees can reserve their spot in the game with a flat registration fee, but be sure to remind them to invite friends and family members to join the fun. Spice things up by encouraging attendees to dress in costume, or even consider adding a costume contest element to get donors excited.

Wine and dine your community of supporters with an invitation to a wine night fundraising event. Ask local wineries or restaurants to donate a bottle or two in exchange for free marketing, or host your wine tasting at a local business that would contribute a portion of their proceeds to your organization.

Invite supporters to dig out their family recipe books for a community potluck. This cheap fundraising idea is accessible to donors who might not be able to afford a ticket to your annual gala or other large fundraisers, but still want to get involved with your cause. Encourage donors to buy a ticket through your event page, then simply show up with an appetite and their favorite meal, dessert, or drink in hand.

Participants can either pay an entry fee or earn their spot in the competition through peer-to-peer fundraising. Whichever you decide, offer the opportunity to showcase the winning photo at your next event or share it on social media for everyone to see.

Secure a venue, recruit your talent for the evening, and prepare attendees for a fundraising event to remember. Research some free community spaces to rent, or consider striking a deal with a local business to host your event for a portion of the proceeds.

Recruit donors, beneficiaries, or partners to speak at your bonfire to help clarify the impact of your mission to new and prospective supporters. Put together a slideshow to display at your bonfire to highlight the other events your community has enjoyed together, and consider adding a few other small games or activities for attendees to do throughout the evening. Something as simple as bag toss, a cookie decorating station, or holiday movie screening would work well.

A 5K race is a year-round favorite that can raise big bucks for your cause. Rather than rely solely on entry fees, implement peer-to-peer fundraising so participants can start raising money upon registration. Throw out a suggested fundraising goal, prepare incentives, and send participants tips on how to reach out to their networks to solicit additional donations.

You can host your color run at a local school to target a younger audience, or open the event to your larger community to boost exposure and increase attendance. Ask registrants to cover a flat registration fee that will offset the cost of materials, and encourage them to tap into their extensive network to raise more through peer-to-peer fundraising.

Encourage supporters to fundraise on behalf of your cause through a walk-a-thon peer-to-peer fundraising event. Provide attendees with all necessary fundraising and marketing materials they might need to solicit donations, like a fundraisers toolkit, and incentivize their participation with exclusive perks or prizes.

The holiday season presents another lucrative fundraising opportunity for your nonprofit. Offer a Christmas tree collection and recycling service for a suggested donation, or help supporters get their trees to the curb on trash day. Gather a team of volunteers to do the heavy lifting, and be sure to reward their hard work with a special gift.

StacheStrong was accepted as an official community charity partner for the 2021 TCS New York City Marathon, encouraging supporters to fundraise on their behalf to earn their spot at the start line. They successfully sent three ambitious athletes to New York to make the 26.2-mile trek as a well-earned reward for their fundraising success.

This fundraising event idea is perfect for families and children. Ask your community and local businesses to donate supplies and help you get the word out. Charge per scoop or set a flat ticket fee for an all-you-can-eat option.

This can easily become a virtual event as well by sending a gift card to each donor who reaches the designated fundraising level. Encourage them to purchase their own treat and attend a livestream ice cream social to connect with fellow supporters.


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