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Ali Butchers

dSPACE Release 2018-B: Simulation Models, Code Generation, and Testing Software

Another requirement for Workflow 1 was to implement it in a manner that would minimize user error and encourage standardization. To fulfill these requirements, we created the workflow as a Python script run through CityEngine as an export option (ESRI 2018b). While some elements of the workflow can be accomplished by manually working through the CityEngine export wizard, it is far more labor intensive and would require manual creation of the metadata, paradata, and file system organization for an exported scene. The use of a Python script, though it requires users to add the script to their workflow for setup, ensures that the process and output are standardized across user experiences and setups, mitigates user error, and minimizes required repetition.

The first type of paradata, the CGA and assets, are currently being downloaded by the Python export script as an RPK, or a rules package. This is a proprietary binary format that CityEngine reads. Figure Five illustrates an RPK file as seen in CityEngine.

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Fedora will verify provided checksums upon ingest or generate its own (DuraSpace 2018b) if one is not provided. Fedora includes the Fixity tool to verify these checksums on-demand to verify the binary content via its REST API. Standard procedures for checking and maintaining data integrity for resources already ingested should be the subject of future development, based on methods implemented in similar Fedora repositories. Such procedures would likely include regular, automated integrity checks on all of the data and/or additional checks before serving files for download


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