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according to google, right now users can do the following on their chrome os devices:

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  • connect your phone or tablet to other devices in the house.

  • search the internet for information, movies, products and restaurants.

  • rent or buy movies and tv shows online.

  • install apps and games on your phone.

  • browse the web in a single place, with no distractions.

  • use the chrome browser and search google from all your devices.

  • make purchases from stores and apps in the google play store.

this what fptue, february 8, 2016 internet search giant google announced that it launched a beta version of chrome os in the philippines. according to the company, the new release allows users to search for products, rent or buy movies and tv shows, buy apps and games, install apps, and browse the web in one place. p-noy foundation on 01 february 2016 said that google has launched the new version of chrome os called duplex on 23 february 2016.

so how is google chrome os? it basically lets you connect to wi-fi, use a smartphone and browse the internet all in one place. you wont have to disconnect your phone when switching between calls, texts and browsing the web. google chrome os lets you focus on what youre doing, and doesn't distract you with pop-ups and information.

google will also launch a chrome app store in the philippines, where users can add support for the new google chrome os. these apps will feature native apps, for things like a ticketing app, music player, weather app, and ebook readers.


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