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[S1E7] Skin Of Her Teeth

Anyhow, "Skin of Her Teeth," despite being a wild goose chase for the most part, still had some good moments. Dexter briefly got to show off his crime scene analysis skills, even on the decades-old Iris cave grave, and that briefly mended the fence between him and Angela. Kurt gave us a clever alibi for his skin being in Iris' teeth, recounting how it must have been his wayward drunken father (while the flashbacks showed us that it was him and that he shot her down after trying to help her). Of course, what he said about his dad, the parts when Kurt was a small boy, were most likely true.

[S1E7] Skin of Her Teeth

Daenerys again wears loose and soft-toned colors in the second episode, and the coloring gives her a visual air of innocence as she's still referred to as a "child" by Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen). Later on, however, the Khaleesi's showing of skin also seems to mirror her interest in taking some control over her arranged marriage to the khal, particularly in their bedchambers.

After proving her might by eating a stallion's heart, Daenerys begins to bring in more Dothraki accessories into her clothing, including an arakh pin as a nod to the khalasar's signature weapon. This parallels her growing allegiance to the khal (and herself) over the power-hungry Viserys. However, her necklace also resembles dragon teeth, which speaks to her realization that she, unlike her brother, has the blood of the dragon in her veins.

Meanwhile, Hanna finds herself increasingly attracted to the geeky, different Lucas, who takes photos of the discordant Sean and Hanna as a belated homecoming royalty shot for the yearbook. Lucas takes several shots of the two, (perhaps purposely) annoying Sean with his suggestions, such as to have Hanna pose sitting on his lap. Sean smiles through gritted teeth, and the shoot ends in a bitter argument between Hanna and Sean.

At school, Sean tries to pursue Aria, but she cuts him short and reminds him that Hanna loves him, and taking revenge on her by asking out her best friend is low. He agrees, and just then, Mike comes barreling through the hallway, physically fighting with another student. Sean helps Aria break up the fight, and Mike walks away ticked off.

After Dexter leaves, Molly arrives asking to work with Angela to find out more about Kurt. Angela on her side asks her to stay away from him. Meanwhile, Kurt ignores Dexter for not signing and letting his son for the job. He still hires Harrison by signing it himself. Dexter on his side starts chasing Molly and figuring out what she is all about. While this went on, he also sat for therapy with his son and took advice for his relationship with Angela.

In the rainforest, Ms. Frizzle shrinks the Helicopter Bus and lands it on a leaf, where it turns back into the Magic School Bus. The yellow paint on the Bus blends in perfectly with the yellow bananas, and a hungry howler monkey rushes to the leaf and shakes the Bus around (and the class), mistaking it for a banana. Ms. Frizzle squirms over to the Bus's dashboard and turns the Bus green, prompting the monkey to drop the Bus, thinking it's just a camouflaging animal. Safe at last, Dorothy Ann turns on the Bus-to-classroom video chat mode, where the hiding three go over the rules of the game: "Don't get spotted by the seeker, do get to home base in the yard, and don't get tagged when you're running for it." The first round is in the Friz classroom, and the passengers exit the Green School Bus and watch a red-eyed tree frog, whose skin blends in perfectly with a leaf. Wanda tells the others that they need to blend in with their surroundings as the seeker yells "Ready or not, here I come!".

Deep underwater, a barracuda snags the Magic School Busmarine with its gaping jaws, poking holes in the roof and floor with its teeth. The kids freak out and grab on to a barracuda tooth, as they admit that going deeper without camouflage was a bad idea, and Arnold says his catchphrase.

The first sign of the infection is lethargy in the victim, followed by feelings of sickness and/or pain; the skin turns yellow-green and begins to fester, the eyes water, and mucus begins dripping from the nose. As the infection progresses, the skin starts to sag and detach from the muscles, tearing open holes along the body (particularly the vertebrae). This is followed by rapid and severe dehydration, which then leads to violent, bloody vomiting.

In the victim's final stages of lucidity, small pustules and veins begin appearing on their skin and their eyes undergo a characteristic change; the pupil contracts to the point of invisibility as the rest of the eye becomes yellow with red bloodshot "plates" that float around the edges, giving a vague resemblance to a red sphere covered in thick yellow cracks. At this point, the plague has taken complete hold of its victim, inducing a state of violent aggression towards any living creature they see.

As the victim succumbs to the plague, its body will gradually begin to assimilate its own internal organs, giving it an emaciated appearance; it is possible that most of the organs are liquefied and expelled from the body during the bloody vomiting prior to fully succumbing. Portions of its skin will begin to corrode and tear away, exposing bone; most notably, the victim's lips will completely dissolve away to expose their teeth.

Ryn and her sister, Donna, were swimming near the surface looking for food when Donna was caught in the fisherman's net. Unable to do anything, Ryn watched as her sister was pulled up aboard the boat. Ryn decided that she was going to come onto land in an attempt to look for her sister. Now in her human form, she nakedly wandered straight in front of a car. The tires screeched to a halt and Ben Pownall came out of the car, asking her if she was okay. Disoriented and shaky on her legs, she turned away from him and continued walking in the opposite direction before her legs gave out and she fainted.

Her skin was getting more irritated and dehydrated the longer she stayed on land. Making it to the Bristol Cove Marine Research Center, she blended with the children, pretending to be part of the tour, guided by Maddie Bishop. After Maddie explained her interest in working as a marine biologist, they went outside. Ryn stayed behind and drank the fish shake, which was a blend of herring and cod as well as other nutrients. After she finished eating, she joined them outside by the wharf, where the children were meeting the two sea lions, Sitka and Hazy. Sensing her presence, the two seals began growling angrily. They could sense she was a predator. One of the children noticed Ryn intensely staring at the seals and accused her of making them uneasy.

Ryn's condition had worsened. Her whole body was now covered in scaly skin and she was very dehydrated. Ryn realized that she needed to get back into the water, so she dragged her body down the wharf and plunged into the water. When she entered, she took off her clothes before her body began transforming into a mermaid. She screamed in agony as her transition began. Her bones began reconfiguring; her sharp teeth appeared, her hands turned into webbed hands that ended in claws, her dorsal fin protruded from her back, and her legs joined to form a fishtail.

Those in the early stages of infection still closely resemble humans. Visually, their eyes are bloodshot and dilated, and clusters of veins can be seen pulsating through the skin.[1] Most notably, dozens of slender tendrils, formed from mycelium,[6] will begin to emerge from the mouth.[1] It is through these tendrils that they spread the infection to other humans via bites.[2]

Those in the later stages of infection somewhat resemble humans. The hyphae grows under the skin, creating noticeable bumps and grooves, and fungal plates emerge from the skin, along with an unknown green discharge. The infected's eyes and skin turn yellow at this stage. The most notable characteristic of this stage, however, is that the fungus has exploded out of the infected's eyes in a truly disfiguring fashion.[2][7]

Those who have been infected for a longer period of time can become horrifically deformed by the infection. Due to the advanced fungal growth on their brains, the skull has been split in two to allow continued growth, leaving their faces completely skewed and scarred, only leaving behind a maw of jagged teeth. The excessive fungal growth has left them blind, forcing them to develop a rudimentary and crude form of echolocation to "see" their surroundings, which has earned them the name "clickers" for the distinctive clicking sound. By this point, whatever clothes the host may have been wearing are mostly tattered and destroyed. Unlike the previous two stages, the clicker lacks the fungal tendrils that were originally present in the host's mouth.

The patients were all admitted with fever, elevated biomarkers, and symptoms of infection, thus indicating the true nature of the bacteremia. The patients all improved clinically and had a decreasing C-reactive protein after initiation of antibiotic therapy, which we interpreted as response to treatment according to previous studies (21). All of the patients had comorbidity, and four of the patients had a malignant disease. This is in accordance with other cases. Lau et al. described bacteremia in a patient with carcinoma of the cervix (17), Detry et al. described bacteremia in a patient with multiple myeloma (5), while Martin et al. described bacteremia in an intravenous drug user (18). The patient in case 1 had a tooth abscess as the most likely source of infection. The same is reported by Detry et al. (5), and S. moorei has been isolated from different types of dental infections (7, 22, 23, 24). The patient in case 2 had a lung abscess. Others have indicated that S. moorei could be related to a lung abscess (9), but we are the first to describe this in association with bacteremia. The patient in case 3 probably had an abdominal source of infection. S. moorei was originally isolated from feces (15), and Lau et al. have described a case of bacteremia from a presumed abdominal source (17). The patient in case 4 was an intravenous drug user with a groin abscess. The same clinical picture is described by Martin et al. (18). The patient had a mixed infection with commensals of the oral flora. We hypothesize that the patient practices a needle-licking behavior before injections and by this introduced oral flora into the injection area. Indeed, others have described this behavior in up to one-third of intravenous drug users (1, 6). The patient in case 5 had a complex clinical presentation. He had a mixed bacteremia with S. moorei but also Porphyromonas uenonis, which is a rare pathogen primarily isolated from abdominal infections (8). The most likely sources of infection are his teeth, because of his previous complaints, or his abdominal cavity, because of his predisposition and the nature of the bacteremia. The types of antibiotics and the durations of treatment were different among the five cases. However, no one relapsed with S. moorei bacteremia, and none of the patients died within 30 days. 041b061a72


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