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Ali Butchers

Save For STS V0.17.1 ~REPACK~

Smart Lock for Passwords - This release introduces thegms.auth.api.credentialsAPI to save and retrieve credentials, and automatically sign users in acrossdevices (and websites in Chrome). To save credentials, call Conversely, to retrieve credentials saved on Android devices andChrome, call the Auth.CredentialsApi.request()method.

Save for STS v0.17.1

Google Cloud Messaging - This release offers you theability to send messages and notifications toend users more efficiently, optimize task scheduling to save on battery usage,and simplify how your app receives messages. Topic messaging lets you buildpersonalized notifications to reach a targeted audience. Use the newGcmListenerServiceto implement a standardized way to receive GCM messages, and displaynotifications upon request by the GCM server. The newGcmNetworkManagerclass lets you schedule one-off and periodic tasks in a battery-efficient way,and specify network and device charging constraints to further optimize batteryuse.

#986 Allow to save some startup & sync time in store gateway as it is no longer needed to compute index-cache from block index on its own for larger blocks. The store Gateway still can do it, but it first checks bucket if there is index-cached uploaded already. In the same time, compactor precomputes the index cache file on every compaction.

This saves you from having to handle many low-level, repetitive, and tedious development tasks that are error-prone andeasy to get wrong when you are trying to solve problems. You need not care how the plumbing works until you need tocustomize something. And, when you do, you are better informed and prepared to do so.

The Mountain Base Camp is an easy-to-use software to program macros and customize the keyboard's settings. You can reprogram the custom keys on the Numpad to repeat the same tasks, like if you constantly need to type the same word. It also uses the Razer Chroma RGB software to customize the backlighting. You can save up to five profiles in the software, and the Mountain Everest Max keyboard has onboard memory, but it doesn't offer a cloud sync option if you need to use it on another computer. Also, the software isn't available on macOS, which is disappointing.

This command will print out two reassignment JSON objects.The first records the current assignment for the partitions being moved.You should save this to a local file (not a file in the pod) in case you need to revert the reassignment later on.The second JSON object is the target reassignment you have passed in your reassignment JSON file. 041b061a72


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