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Viv Thomas Mums And Daughters 2

Thomas received a good portion of the 100,000 shares of common stock company ownership. He also received 3,000,000 in cash, and a $1,700,000 restricted stock in Wendy's, before a closely held company called Marlin. This was a good decision, as Marlin's financial future was in the same direction as Thomas' vision for the company's future.

Viv Thomas Mums And Daughters 2

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Everyone loves a Mother's Day brunch. To help you out, we have selected five of our favourite London brunch spots in the West End. Pens & Nibbles at the Lanesborough is an intimate restaurant in the hotel that will surely make you feel like one of the family - on account of it being run by Thomas's family (his mum Shirley is part of the team). It serves delicious dishes like the Mediterranean omelet with salted cod, zucchini flowers and herb sauce, the Pen Burgers with caramelised onion, spinach and an American cheese burger, and the American Breakfast Bacon in Endive with cheddar and blueberry granola. The veggie-laden platter of Pancakes, Seedovore, Broccomole and Tana's Porridge is utterly brilliant.

Stop by this East London site for another of Thomas's restaurants. Since 1992, Billy & Rose has been serving awesome Cuban-American meals under a gleaming glass-topped, rib-caged bar. They'll be serving a special two-course dinner on Sunday 17 March at 7.30pm, and signing copies of their latest book, The Viv Thomas Cookbook, with stories, recipes and tales from his youth.

All that, however, has not been enough for Kew. In 2001 Kew mounted a 12-year campaign to have Viv Thomas - who had been described as the most famous gardener in Britain - put on a day out at Kew for children on his official birthday, April 15th, 2004, but the campaign was not successful. But this year, on 15th April, he will be turned 75 and Kew has now announced that he will be honoured on a special day and will be able to enjoy himself as he always has. The event will take place on Thursday 15th May.


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